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Advice in the Home

Be Prepared

  • Have a small supply of non perishable, easy-to-prepare foods
  • Keep extra supplies of essential medication in case it is difficult to get to the pharmacy
  • Have an adequate supply of fuel for heating/cooking and if possible a suitable alternative should the main supply fail
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Clearing Snow

Clearing snow from footpaths

  • Clearing snow can be demanding work - only undertake the task if you are reasonably fit and do not have an underlying medical condition
  • Clear snow or ice early in the day if possible
  • Wear sturdy, insulated, waterproof footwear with good gripping soles
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The primary natural sources of flooding in Ireland are rivers (fluvial flooding), the sea (coastal and tidal flooding), intense rainfall (pluvial flooding), and groundwater. If a flood threatens your area there are a number of steps you can take to minimise damage to your property but remember safety should always be your first concern.

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Water Shortages and Leaks

Information on your Local Authority's arrangements for dealing with water shortages can be found though your local authorities website available on the following link

If you have a water related issue please visit or contact Irish Water on 1890 278 278.

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