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Clearing Snow

Clearing snow from footpaths 

  • Clearing snow can be demanding work - only undertake the task if you are reasonably fit and do not have an underlying medical condition
  • Clear snow or ice early in the day if possible
  • Wear sturdy, insulated, waterproof footwear with good gripping soles
  • Use a shovel. There are special shovels for this task but any garden shovel will do
  • Make a path down the middle of the area being cleared so that you will have a clear surface to walk on
  • Never use boiling water to clear snow (it may re-freeze and cause the formation of black ice)
  • You can prevent ice forming by spreading salt on the area that you have cleared
  • When you are clearing snow it is important that you don’t create an obstacle for pedestrians or traffic.   Ensure that the snow is removed to a location that won’t create a hazard

Legal Advice for Snow Clearance and Gritting

The Office of the Attorney General has advised that liability does not arise when snow is cleared from footpaths in a safe manner.

In relation to people gritting roads with grit supplied by the local authorities, the legal advice is that the issue of liability does not arise where the material is delivered, stored and used in a safe manner and does not cause hazard.

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